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Hi! I'm Tanvi. I have written code that's literally going to be out of this world (I programmed a satellite module) back in my freshman year in college.  That was my first step in the world of technology.

I love interacting with all different kinds of people, and I aim to use my ever expanding technical knowledge and social skills in understanding human behaviour and social media. My current research is on multimodal data analysis.

I'm a great believer of - "Slow progress is progress."  


work experience

Fractal Analytics - Data Science Consultant

Sept '20 - Dec '21

Unicorn startup - worked on optimization, Natural Language Processing, Visualisation, and Cloud projects. More info [here]


Project Intern : AI@Scale


Intern : Data Center Solutions


Part-time Tech Intern


recommendations & kind words


leadership & volunteering

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Coupa Software

Social Media @ UT INFORMS '22

Volunteer @ WiML ICLR '20 [blog]

Teacher @ Teach Code for Good

Vice Chair'18, Senior Chair '19 @ ACM-W Manipal

Subsystem Head @ Parikshit Student Satellite

Editor in chief @ Code and Design magazine by GirlScript

Wall painting CSR @ Western Digital

Social Media and Operations @ Revels'17 and '18 (cultural fest)

talks & presentations

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Poster @ MD Anderson, UT Austin

Live webinar for Women in Data Science Mumbai [link]

Association of Computational Linguistics WiNLP (virtual)

Search for Research [article]

Manipal Research Colloquium

Intro to Google Colab (for OpenCV)

I have attended...

ICLR '20 (virtual) [blog]

HUII '20

Google WTM Reception '19

GHCI '19


University of Texas at Austin

Master's in Operations Research (Data and Decision Science)

Manipal Institute of Technology

Bachelor's in Computer Engineering